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The game of golf is undoubtedly one of the pastimes where the impact of your mind is the greatest. If you google “golf mental game” or “golf psychology” you will find thousands of results describing tips and techniques and ways of improving your mental processes to improve your score. Several books have been written on the topic. Titles ranging from “Mental Toughness for Golf: The Minds of Winners by Brian Hemmings” and “Wired to Win: The Mental Keys to Play Your Best Golf By Dave Breslow” to our favourite “Mind Over Golf: How to Use Your Head to Lower Your Score By Richard H. Coop”. With so many people touting the importance of having a great mental game in addition to good technique there must be something in it…

At Capacity Trust we believe that individuals have unlimited capacity to grow and develop through using psychological principles to improve their effectiveness in a range of activities from their personal lives to their work environment. For the next few months we have teamed up with Omeya Golf Club to share some tips to improve your game of golf from your inbox. We trust you will find these tips helpful in improving the way you play golf.

Golf Psychology – Improve your game from your inbox

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  • By far the best course (License to Lead) I’ve ever done and I’ve done many. The toolkits are highly appreciated.
    Nico Nampower
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  • Select +

    Capacity Trust offers a wide range of employment tests that suit your need and your budget to select the best person for your organisation.

    We call it SELECT. Our consultants are trained on the widest variety of psychometric and other assessments. Testing forms part of the processes employed by leading organisations to improve their selection decisions.

  • Grow +

    Some people call it training, some call it development. We call it GROW. Through bespoke in-house developed programmes and carefully selected partners, we grow the capacity of employees in organisations.

    Consultants at Capacity Trust are qualified to provide soft skills training and team building to all organisations in all industries in Namibia

  • Sustain +

    People are your organisation’s greatest asset. At Capacity Trust we believe you should treat this asset with the respect it deserves and therefore we offer coaching and counselling services to sustain the people in your organisation.

    We call it SUSTAIN. Staff offering counselling and coaching services are registered with all the relevant local and international professional governing bodies.

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